Discovering new music is part of our every day job. The good stuff, however, frequently gets lost in the incessant flood of articles, memes, photos, and shitposts.

That’s why, over here at The Wook of Wall Street, we’re constantly sifting through the digital wastelands, searching for those uncovered gems. Songs that have been overlooked, forgotten, or simply lost in the minutiae of social media .

That’s what Groundscores is all about: a weekly dose of unearthed fire that we each can’t seem to get enough of. Check out this week’s finds below!

Dr. Funkle – Devil Dude

Dr. Funkle is currently kicking ass and taking names in the bass scene, and “Devil Dude” is a prime example why. Give it a go, but it might kick your ass.

SISKA – War Drums

SISKA’s “War Drums” is the type of track to get you amped up for anything: the gym, the upcoming weekend, grocery shopping. Literally anything.

Zejibo – ’95

Zejibo’s sound is near and dear to our hearts for many reasons, but the vibe of this track is enough to tell you why.

Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop (KINGCHAIN Remix)

We can’t stop listening to this immense techno treatment of Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop.” You won’t be able to, either.

Keenan Mathias – Contact

Keenan Mathias’ groundbreaking EP, “A Tremendous Interstellar Anomaly” hits all sorts of high notes and otherworldly sounds, with “Contact” acting as the ideal thematic climax.

Kage – Virus

“Virus” is a bass house track as infectious as, well, a virus. Unfortunately, at this time there is no cure, but we don’t think you’ll mind.

Creighfish – I Was

Every week we think Aspire Higher Tune Tuesdays couldn’t get any fatter, but Creighfish’s “I Was” is dummy thicc and we couldn’t be more hyped.

Navigatorz – Jet Jaguar

There’s a pretty damn good reason we’ve included a Navigatorz track in the last 4 Groundscore lineups. Do we really need to spell it out for you at this point?

Noizinski – You Can Get

This track is the reason we occasionally expand our coverage to bass house and techno. The deep, dark vibe. The nasty flow. It doesn’t get any better.

Adiidas – Fuzzy

If we could give out actual certifications for weird and wonky bangers, “Fuzzy” would be first in line.

Armodine – Gonna Let U Go

This is one of those groundscores that we’d pick up hoping nobody saw, run back to our tent, and indulge in it all to ourselves. Sometimes tracks are too fire to let the cat out of the bag.