Read on for your weekly dose of unearthed fuego that we can’t seem to get enough of. Check out this week’s Groundscores below!


If you heard this one rinsed out live, you’ve probably been waiting for it to drop with heavy anticipation. Well, looks like Christmas came early this year.

MineSweepa – Periodt

Good God, Lord almighty! This shit ain’t a joke. Please, spare us MineSweepa. We’re not worthy.

Gramatik & DeFunk – Funk It VIP

Groove-guru Gramatik took his time with this reworking of DeFunk’s “Funk It,” filling every last crevice with larger-than-life percussion fills and guitar licks. It’s from his very recent album, “Re:Coil, Pt. II,” which you should be listening to if you haven’t already.

VCTRE – The Gate

Are people allowed to do this? Is making something that sounds this disgusting even legal?

Pluto Era – Puddle Stomp

Okay, no, this should definitely be illegal. Somebody come get their mans, he’s going to hurt somebody out here!

92elm – Numb ft. Ladia

If Ableton could dream, this is the song it would dream into existence.

DeeZ – Bones

Did DeeZ just break into bass house? Did we just fall in love with him all over again? We stan a versatile king! Get it, boi.

Chee – Monsterfy

This is exactly what we need around Halloween time: a big ol’ monster of a track to pound our brains into submission. Thanks Chee!

Tek Genesis – Amber

The synthwork in “Amber” is just next level. Pure madness.

G-Space – The Robbery

The only thing stolen in this robbery was our heart. But in all honesty, G-Space can keep it.

bd hbt – Permission

One comment on this track reads, “I feel like I’m being murdered by a paper car wash,” and we couldn’t explain it any better ourselves. We won’t even try

Pigeon Hole – In The Dark

The bassline in “In the Dark” is speaking to us, and it’s just saying “Shiiiiiettt” over and over again.

I Just Wanna See You. – TheBusiness.

That damn flute! Those keys! Shit has us shaking our little behinds about, and we don’t ever want to stop.

Bonus Mix: Tsuruda – XLR8R Podcast 616

Tsuruda is hot off a new EP release, and honestly we just love anything with his name on it at this point. This mix should explain why better than any words.