Read on for your weekly dose of unearthed fuego that we can’t seem to get enough of. Check out this week’s Groundscores below!

DeeZNauts – Subversion

This new DeeZNauts radiates “BAE” – Big Alien Energy.

CharlestheFirst – Consumed

“Consumed” flaunts that classic Charles-style bass sound, with airy elements infused into the deep, dark bass we all love.

woosta – Papa

“Papa” must be hung like a horse, cause it’s swingin’! But in all seriousness, this woosta track fucks, don’t miss out.


Every so often a track makes you get up and start shakin’ your booty in your kitchen while the pizza rolls are in the microwave. This, and we cannot stress this enough, is that type of track.

TheBusiness. – Method.

When they say there’s a method to his madness, they’re undoubtedly talking about TheBusiness. And his new track, “Method.” is a taste of that madness, in the form of a succulent and savory bop we can’t get enough of.

Houman & Smoakland – Blunted

A wise man once asked the world, “Can we get much higher?” That man was Kanye West.

Today, Houman & Smoakland offer the long-awaited answer to this age-old philosophical question. With “Blunted,” they say, yes. We can get much, much higher.

London Bridge (Edekit Flip)

If you thought Fergie was old news, guess again. Edekit brings “London Bridge” back with a vengeance in this monumental remix.


Turn the volume up on SAKA’s new track “VALKYRIE” to be slapped into a new dimension for a few minutes and back just in time for dinner.

HEXIS – Ride Or Die

“Ride or Die” is that super-heavy dose of glitched-out bass music we needed to get our heads straight after a long week of work.

Bonus Mix: Vinja – Tales from the Scratchlander

Alright this isn’t a track, per se, but Vinja dropped this mix a few days ago and we’re still scratching our heads, trying to figure out how such godly creation can grace us on this hellish earth.