As we explore the ever-expanding music scene the northeast region has to offer, our tastes tend to branch off into unexpected territory. These finds may lay just outside our go-to genres, but they’re equally as shareworthy. Below, we dabble in just a few fringe electronic offerings, as well as plenty of your recognizable favorites in this week’s Groundscores track roundup.

Oni – Omnivore (JADŪ119)

Give this double-time neurofunk track a go, but hold on to your knickers. It’s a doozy.

Love K*nye – (Malleus Stapes Remix)

It’s not very easy to love Kanye these days, but a track that transforms his vocals into a whirlwind as nutty as this Malleus Stapes remix is something to fall in love with.

Akuratyde – Passengers (feat. Bop)

Airy and vibrant, Passengers is sublime lullaby laid over ethereal vocal synths.

Jakare – Glass Temple

The duo that forms Jakare is (Halfred and Lo.Renzo) reaches far beyond their respective genres into tribal house territory that’s too steamy to pass up on.

5AM – Smackdown

Clicking a new 5AM track in your newsfeed is like opening up a present on Christmas morning, if that present were a box full of mind-numbing sound design and driving bass.

Barac – One Who Can See In The Dark (Remus Remix)

The Romanian minimal techno scene is blowing up, and at the helm sits Barac. With a driving bass line and shamanic overtones, Barac’s sound is as absorbing as it is fascinating. This Remus remix takes Barac’s god-tier grooves to another level.

Armodine – Designer Bags

A little bit of bass house in your life never hurt nobody. If anybody says otherwise they clearly have never dove into Armodine. Go ahead, give this one a go, try to tell us otherwise.

Saltus x Pathwey – Mirage

This experimental bass track is a hypnotic journey through thick low-end drips and mystical samples. We love how it drives the listener through lush sonic soundscapes, each as riveting as the next.

5AM – Blades feat. ST4RFOX

Yes, we included two 5AM tracks. It’s 5AM. It’s fire. Please don’t make us spell it out for you.

Digital D – Poison

A sure slapper, Digital D brings out the big guns with “Poison.” Don’t sleep on it.

EurythmY – Dak Dzin

We promise you, you’ve never had a listening experience as magical as “Dak Dzin.” It’s a cloud of pure melodic ecstasy.