Hey. It’s us again. Here to bring more new music for you to fall in love with and blast on your way to work over and over again until you come crawling back to us looking for your next fix.

So go on, scroll down for that primo we know you like so much. And yes, you can thank us later.

Freddy Todd – Shellacc

Wakaan’s own Freddy Todd is back with a new EP, and it’s fire, and then some. Take a taste with Shellac, but don’t think for a second we don’t love the rest of the project just as much.

Kursa – TURN IT

This is one of those “I’m jumping all over my friends at the show even though I’m sweaty af and they’re going to hate me,” tracks and we cannot wait to catch it live.

Resonant Language – Slither

If we could take a bath in these sound waves, we would. Somebody call NASA and make this a thing.

Second Nature – Bohemian Grove

Second Nature serves up a steaming bowl of sauce with this one and its alluring vocal track.

WESSANDERS – Secure the Bag

The Rust’s WESSANDERS crafts a really unique creature with this track off his new EP, “Up Here.” Part bass, part alternative, we really love how this one steps out of the box in sound and structure.

Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Patch Notes Remix)

Patch Notes’ remix here is massive and energetic. Just what the doctor ordered to get you through the week.

GrymeTyme – To The Moon

“To The Moon” is sending shivers down our spines. It’s so satisfying in its uniqueness and groove, we’re holding on to this one and never letting go.

Two Fingers – 296 Rhythm

The Amon Tobin side project Two Fingers has been gracing more and more lineups this season, and a quick listen to this recent track gives us enough reason as to why.

Apollo Xo – Ally My People

Apollo Xo delivers an irresistibly deep and dark groove here, and that’s exactly what we like around here.

ONHELL – Jerrina

This blissful track from ONHELL is the perfect high right now and we’re honestly in love.