Welcome to your weekly dose of unearthed fuego that we can’t seem to get enough of. Check out this week’s Groundscores below!


All we want for Christmas is G Jones and remixes of G Jones. Please and thank you

Tygris – Diamonds

A bit of Tygris on the drive home from work on a Friday night is the vibe we needed, and “Diamonds” hits the spot just right.

L*o*J – Crank Call

These guys bring that bop without fail every single time, and “Crank Call” is no exception.

LSDREAM, Shlump – STARCHILD Feat. Sarah Hudson

If only we could turn this up so loud we could feel it in our kundalini to decalcify our pineal glands, we would. Is an at-home Funktion-One system excessive?

money moves (rsrch chmcls flip)

rsrch chmcls is one of them dudes we wish could curate the soundtrack to our life. This that “lofi hip hop radio – beats to fuck/roll blunts to.”

ATYYA – Potential 

ATYYA’s “Potential” is straight up gravitational. You’ll want to buckle down and hold on to something before pressing play.

Headland – Roame

This track is treacherous territory friends. We’ll be honest, some of you won’t make it out alive. But those of us who do, it will be well worth it.

ColtCuts x The Widdler – Ride Out

They just don’t make em like this anymore. “Make Dubstep Fuck Again” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

HUMORME – Chopped Cheese

This track is for the Brooklyn fam, hot and dripping off the grill just like the local delicacy it’s named for.

illanthropy – Like This (VIP)

“Like This” is a brilliantly energetic song, and possibly the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming weekend.

Craftal – By The Throat

This Craftal release on The Untz is that type of jam we will unabashedly knock any chance we get until one of our friends gets annoyed and we tell them to “shove it” and play it one more time.

Danforth x Gurf – Tippin’

If you looked up the definition of “gas” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Tippin'” would just start playing from the pages.

Chimera – Deflect

If you could describe a track as “fucked up” and mean it in a really good way, that’s exactly what we would say about Chimera’s “Deflect.”

FLY – Awakening

“Somebody call the fuego police” is the best Soundcloud comment we could ask for and the perfect thing to say about this song.

Bonus Mix: Secret Recipe – The Ingredients Mixtape Vol. 2

If you were looking for a real heavy set to get your weekend started right, this Secret Recipe mix is exactly what you were looking for. You’re welcome.