Yesterday, bass-hub Rapture Studios released a compilation of some of the stand-out producers on their roster. We took the time to listen to the whole kit-n-kaboodle for you guys, and nabbed what we believe to be the top five most noteworthy tracks. All five are certifiable bangers, and they’re guaranteed to bless your eardrums while you meander through the work week. Check ‘em out below:

Maxfield’s “Shmeelin’ It” is the best of both worlds when it comes to bass music. The interludes between each drop dance playfully between funky space-bass with ambient chimes and reverbed atmospheres. Before long, it peaks by coalescing into a dramatic dip and dive between crunchy synths and skittering hats and snares; bringing this piece together in all the right ways. 

“Bethel” by IntiKon is a sputtering masterpiece of swing-time keys and wobbly bass that touches on all the right chords. The glitchy and airy breaths that accentuate each drop are the highlight of the track, bringing a robust nature to a song that trips along itself in the most intentionally haphazard manner. The trip-hop vibe to the drums is just the icing on the cake and keeps everything moving at an exceptional pace. 

“Next Level Grapes” is just some next level goodness from Omnist. It wastes no time getting to the brunt of the track and it’s just too damn spicy. The movement in the bass synths is enough to make your own body wobble and wave as the scratch-style cuts in the drops are sure to excite any bass head who has ears. Did we catch those subtle percussive fills that skip and dance in the background? You’re goddamn right we did. 

Do you ever catch yourself mouthing the way that a bass wriggles its way out of a sound system? That’s exactly what Black Carl! will make you do with “G Check.” The sci-fi vibes from the NASA sample that fills out the builds of this track is just the right touch for this grimy concoction from one of the best out there for grinding sawwed synths. It’s a thing of beauty. 

Beardthug and Kliine really make things extra weird with the final track on our list: “Delusional.” Between springy samples and what sounds like a baboon shrieking throughout the drop, this brilliant composition juxtaposed nonsensical soundbytes with well-placed production elements to really bring home the theme of deep-mind-delusion. Each time the hectic production breaks, a beautiful atmospheric vocal track lulls you into a sense of security before madness ensues again. 

Which track from Rapture Studios’ compilation did you enjoy the most? Hit us up in the comments to let us know!