Anyone can host a music festival, but executing it properly is what sets it apart from the rest and keeps you coming back for more. Psychedelic Sleepover and the Taproot Productions team really found the sweet spot with this special intimate gathering, selling out in their second year at nearly 2,000 people. The event took place in the beautiful scenic lands of Page Farm located in Croydon, New Hampshire. The property is a little slice of paradise tucked away in the lush forests with mountainous views surrounding the atmospheric grounds; the land spacious, yet comforting, even with a sold out crowd in attendance.

Now if you’ve ever heard the age old saying “quality over quantity” I can assure you that this festival addressed both. There were three stages all completed with Hennessey sound systems – top notch quality that is sure to please your music craving ear holes. Although, most importantly, what’s a top of the line system without the right tunes to flex those speakers? The line-up was stacked with all-star talent from across the globe that touched base on a wide variety of bass frequencies. There was an act for everyone’s taste; no matter what styles you’re into. Brain scrambling audio waves filled the air, summoning the inner freak throughout the masses.

A few notable sets of the weekend included Somatoast and his squishy goop sound design, oozing with textured yet delicate melodies. Hullabalo0 whipped out some wonky zingers packed full of refined glitch and intricate bass lines. Koan Sound was legendary, blending elements of neuro bass and funky glitch hop that afforded them a headlining slot and really set the mood.

Just like the music, the visual artist side of the spectrum was out of this world. Bridging the gap between imagination and bringing it to reality; leaving us with our senses aroused. It was as if the creators took an out of body experience and transformed it into optical illusion styled art, putting it on display for all to enjoy; revealing their creative insight during the process. Artists such as Dr01d and The Void really took us for a visual projection ride with their mind-bending images. Chris Dyer was even in attendance, gracing us with his Aztec tribal infused art; performing right by the main stage.

I highly recommend this transformational gathering to anyone interested in exploring the wild side; diving deep within the realm of psychedelia in all forms. Word on the (wook of wall) street, is discussion about expanding to another venue that can host more patrons is already in the works for future years. Based off of this year’s event, Psychedelic Sleepover is only on the way up from here. There is only one way to experience it for yourself: “buy the ticket, take the ride” and see what it has to offer.

© All Images credited to Nachman Bilinsky (Nachturnal Images)