In a notably successful bid to take neuro-dub to new heights, DC based producer Image.Nation delivers “RE​:​Cognizant,” an immersive sonic experience flooded with ethereal textures and abstractions. Where many artists fall flat in infusing a nameless, otherworldly aura to their music, Image.Nation flourishes.

In just 4 tracks “RE​:​Cognizant” manages to both uplift the soul and inspire the mind. Here’s an intimate look at each of the compositions that manifest this new project into the game changer it was meant to be.

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A junction between two nerve cells, synapses facilitate the passage of signals from neuron to neuron. As the EP’s opening track, “Synapse” conjures images of bursting bundles of neurons lighting up with activity.

Bright synths reverberate like one such signal being passed along, channeling a floatiness similar to Bassnectar’s “Laughter Crescendo.” The track builds to a bold and absorbing apex, showcasing Image.Nation’s ability to design powerful musical moments.  



Initially premiered as an Aspire Higher exclusive, “Exosphere” brings us deeper into neuro territory with its delightful, amorphous soundscapes.

Each measure exists in an atemporal bubble, flowing seamlessly with immaterial ease. It’s so easy to get lost in, forgetting yourself for just a moment in celestial comfort.

Inevit Ability

Here, the EP gains a bit more momentum and aggression. Gritty wubs and soulful vocals pulse along a cascading drum track. It stands out as the most motivating moment in “RE​:​Cognizant,” rife with energy and stamina.

Sustainable Dreams

Living up to the “dreams” part of its title, “Sustainable Dreams” does an outstanding job of crafting a surreal playground of sounds. Smooth and effortless, this track coasts along and massages the mind with monastic, airy synths. It’s simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, creating the ideal conditions for truly ego-melting mental exploration.

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