The second artist in our road to Hijinx series is the incredible Brooklyn based producer Dorfex Bos. Many of you know him from his recent collaboration with Bassnectar on Reflective Pt. 2, “Other Worlds,” but this dreamscape concocting musician’s discography will have you feeling tingly in all the right places.

What’s so exciting about Dorfex Bos is not only his incredibly unique production style, but his live shows as well. Expertly meandering through a slew of different vibes and genres, Dorfex Bos is the epitome of what people talk about when they reference an artist taking you on a “journey.” There’s no exact guarantee about what you’re going to get when he steps behind the decks – at times it will get heavy, other times more dreamy. The one thing you can always count on, however, is that things will get weird. There’s a transcendental nature to the airy and atmospheric tracks that Dorfex Bos has cooked up, and they’re certainly worth catching every second of.

One of my favorite tracks by him, “Opinions” completely embodies everything there is to love about what he brings to the table. Splashy snares punching through layers of brilliantly orchestrated synths, with a bassline that thunders beneath throughout.  


The man is set to open up the entire festival with his slot on Friday night, so be sure to get there early and take in what he has to offer. This is certainly bound to be one of the highlights of the weekend – don’t miss it!