You typically hear the same complaints from people who stay away from the electronic music genre: It’s not organic enough. It’s too heavy and chaotic. It’s not artistically inclined. Give those listeners a few minutes with Rumpistol and we wager they’d be willing to change their minds.

The Danish producer is everything but your everday EDM artist, and his recent EP release is all the proof you would need. “In My Room,” out on The Rust Music’s NYC label, unveils uncharted visions into the vast worlds electronic production can create. Right from the opening track, “Lapsus,” a sense of thoughtful fluidity flows through airy, resonating harmonies.

The 5-track EP is affecting from start to finish, finding and unfolding introspective themes, layer after layer, relating the listener to inner emotions and experiences. It flirts with a wondrous intonation that nestle your mood and coddle the senses.

Rumpistol’s collaboration with Bwoy de Bhajan on “Isla De Pascua” stands out as an organic body of sounds within an EP that melds textures between tracks to form a singular, cohesive idea throughout.


In My Room” exists as a fresh evolution of Rumpsitol’s already experimental style, one ripe in artistic risk. Boasting a sound so detailed and imaginative, it undoubtedly pays off.

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