What large festivals do right is book huge acts that are sure to put on a memorable show. And that’s awesome, don’t get us wrong. But, where smaller festivals outshine their commercialized counterparts is in crafting a more intimate experience, one that unifies people in their love of community and music.

But, what if you had a bit of both? That’s where SoundZ comes in. Capping invites at 150 attendees, the brand new 3-day festival in Upstate New York festival is sure to be as intimate as it gets, but its lineup should impress even the most experienced of festie heads. The roster boasts a number of noteworthy names, with a solid focus on funk and electro-soul. Wax Future? Check. The Orcastrator? Check. Heavyside Function? Check. We could go on! (We will go on: ShwizZ, Pi Wrecks, Soley, Essonite, okay, we really should stop rambling now).

“We’re most excited about how intimate this gathering is. Intention is easier to keep hold of in small, tight knit groups. We hope, like always, that people come out of the weekend with new friends, great memories, and an energized focus on their passions and goals.” – Keith Wadsworth, Wax Future

The addition of a talented lineup of visual performers, flow artists, and even morning yoga really ties the whole experience together. It’s clear that Shepheard Productions — headed by George Adler, who hosted the precursor to SoundZ, called M.A.G. Fest, his own festival-style wedding at the same serene Campbell, NY location — is dedicated to hosting a community-focused weekend with the same pull as a major festival, without the headache of large crowds and an overpriced ticket.


Tell us who you’re excited to see at Soundz! And don’t sleep on tickets, attendance is being capped at 150 people!