I know it’s not lost on most of you that the backbone of this scene is not the music, but rather the people who make up our community. For years, I’ve wondered about every single puzzle piece and how it fits into the bigger picture.

Shawn Russell Johnson, Editor of The Drop

Not long ago, I fell in with a crowd of like minded individuals who taught me how to embrace my own individual essence, and share it withe everyone around me. Since then, I’ve been dreaming up a million ways that I could give back to the community that took me in and made me one of its own. From that dream, The Drop was born.

A published piece of work that would not only display, but promote and facilitate a world of inclusivity and support to the artists, individuals, and glowing personalities that embody everything we stand for.

Jonathan Hamilton Springer, Co-Founder

This weekend, at a tiny little venue in Brooklyn, my partner Jonathan Springer and I will be debuting an art book that shines a light on the backbone of our existence – the countless artists, musicians, and thought leaders that make all of this possible. Here’s a peak inside the cover of our latest issue:

The Drop is a culmination of dreams that we hope to distribute to a larger audience. A platform through which individuals can express themselves to the fullest extent of their potential. If you can make it, we are thankful for your presence. If you can’t, rest assured we are inclusive, and open to anyone who dreams to create.