Beauty In The Backyard Festival is slated to hit Camp Ramblewood, Maryland this weekend, and not only does the forward-thinking gathering boast an impressive lineup, but it also has an incredibly diverse amount of workshops, collaborative art projects, and even a charitable contribution of 15% of their profits. One of the most important aspects of the festival however, is their dedication to representing female artists who are actively working to push their respective genres to new boundaries. Bolstering the lineup this year are impressive up-and-coming female producers McWavy, Nvrsoft, Beat Kitty, Confetti the First, and Forx.

“Equal representation and uplifting all genders is important to the mission statement of Metta Creative and Beauty in the Backyard. Strengthening the under represented in music so they can be an inspiration to others is an important goal for anyone who belongs to an overrepresented demographic, such as men.” – Jon Hao, Musicians’ Coordinator

1. McWavy

Sarah McAndrew, known onstage as McWavy, has been honing her skills since age 6. Classically trained in piano, but enthralled by the psychedelic influences of Keith Emerson of ELP, Richard Wright of Pink Floyd, and Geoff Downes of Yes, her skillset expanded and her dabbling in electronic production began. Add an infatuation with jazz and an appreciation for the saxophone, and you get her distinctive chill-wave style that incorporates an essential blend of psychedelia, world dance, and sultry touch of saxy goodness; creating a “sound unique to the vibrations within the soul.” You can catch her at the Jammin Pavilion Stage at 6pm on Friday, October 12th.

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2. Nvrsoft

Nvrsoft is an incredibly diverse producer who has been making waves and a huge name for herself in the extremely competitive world of DC/Baltimore Drum n’ Bass. Host and director of the DnB Vaults Podcast, she’s got her hands in a little bit of everything. Her live shows are full of energy, and when she gets going, it’s impossible to keep still. Although it appears as though her heart and soul resides in DnB, she’s no stranger to blowing crowds away with the a multi-genre mix that includes house and experimental bass. Nvrsoft is scheduled to rock the Bas Barn stage at 9pm on Friday, October 12th.

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3. Beat Kitty

Amanda Bo, aka Beat Kitty, is an exceptional DJ/producer who is cutting up the east coast underground bass scene. Her bombastic sets seamlessly transition from upbeat and fun to freaky and filthy in the blink of an eye, and every time she’s on the deck’s it’s guaranteed to be a unique experience. A classically trained flautist who brands herself as a bonafide metal head, her influences are vast and diverse and her intense live performances reflect her eclectic style. Beyond production and mixing, she’s constantly designing and building immersive events in NYC that strive to shift reality. From crafting and producting, to building and tattoing, her skills, like her music, know no boundaries. Beat Kitty is set to rock the Bass Barn Stage at 12am Saturday, October 13th.

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4. Confetti the First

Confetti the First, the unofficial “House Queen of the DMV” (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) is known for her unmeasurable level of energy is infectious and keeps her crowds moving as long as she’s behind the decks. Keeping the party going by playing an unending mix of “electro, house, and trance like it’s encoded in her DNA,” her set at Beauty in the Backyard is a must-see for all fans of four-on-the-floor. While her life has bounced around a number of directions, from pre-law to musical theater, he love of music brought her to the world of DJing, and she hasn’t looked back. Cued up to blend beats at the Pool House Stage, Confetti the First plays at 10pm on Friday October 12th.

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5. Forx

Last but certainly not least, is Forx, band comprised of Marlena Rose, Patric Lannin, and MiaKoda Grodsky who blend together the genres of Hippie Folk Rock and Psychedelic Garage. Driven by the creative collaboration of Marlena and MiaKoda’s lyricism, the band attempts to “articulate experiences and emotions,” while driving their sound to spur affective reactions in their listeners. As MiaKoda and Marlena claim, “two girls with guitars are better than one!” Forx will play the Acoustic Amphitheater Stage at 4pm on Friday, October 12th.


It’s an important time for us to be supporting women in every facet of our society. By empowering the talented female individuals within our community, Beauty in the Backyard is taking an incredible step to outwardly promote the women who deserve a spotlight in our scene.