Two things consistently pervade the electronic music community more than anything else: an obsession with outer space, and a longing for the future (a time when the bullshit of today will, hopefully, no longer be an issue). In an explosive new remix, Chicago’s electro glitch-hop honcho Blue Future quite skillfully fuses the two, cooking up an unquestionably forward-looking overhaul of Homemade Spaceship’s otherworldly anthem “Aliens.”

It’s safe to expect that when Jeremy Oleson, the progressive mind behind Blue Future, sets out to remix a track, it’ll be done both tastefully true to the original, yet jaw-droppingly distinct and reinvigorating in its own right. His treatment of “Aliens” is no different: the composition’s overall atmosphere remains intact, but the addition of tight, bouncy, and delightfully distorted synth work permeates the air with Oleson’s funkified personality. Where Denver’s Homemade Spaceship crafted a chilled-out dream-like soundscape, Blue Future cranked the rage dial up a few notches with this extraterrestrial revamp that’s simply out of this world.

From Defunk to Wax Future, Manic Focus, and beyond, Blue Future is leaving no stone unturned with remixes in 2018. Each remains as electrifying as the last, and, with the diligent producer’s portfolio swelling, we couldn’t be more satisfied.

Roll up, sit back, and give Oleson’s “Aliens” remix a good listen and let us know what you think in the comments below! Also keep your eyes peeled for Blue Future’s next album coming this October!