16 rounds and counting, Camp Bisco has earned its status as something worth traversing a mountain for. The trajectory of this Biscuits-hosted festival has only expanded after it first found a home in Mariaville, New York in 2007. The years that followed saw modern music history being made: Bassnectar’s first Bisco, Austin Trout’s first festival experience that ultimately lead to the creation of Sermon Nation, plus unprecedented sets from Pretty Lights, Shpongle, and Snoop Dogg to name a few.

Just about 10 years later, after relocating to a new water park playground, Bisco is still going strong. Attendees got to experience Bassnectar lay down a massive 10th Anniversary set, tossing in gems like “What”, “Out for Blood”, and even the fun Spring Gathering crowd-pleaser “Duck Trumpet” Though Tipper definitely takes the cake for top set of the weekend with his prolific performance under the Electric City tent. Yheti pulled in possibly the largest crowd the Office stage has ever seen on Friday evening, and the wave pool was absolutely mobbed for Snails.

The weekend’s MVP might just have to be Space Jesus, who worked overtime delivering three sets which included his first ever downtempo performance, a B2B alongside Buku and Yheti, as well as hopping onstage with Liquid Stranger for “Spaceboss”. It would be a mistake not to shoutout the rest of the bass heavy players who slayed this weekend: Zeke Beats, Illenium, Excision, Huxley Anne, and 12th Planet. The whole roster came out and meant business.

Of course, with every festival there are complaints. The rain put a damper on things Saturday evening, cutting Liquid Stranger’s set short as attendees sought shelter under the pavilion.  Excision’s explosive assault on Montage scared the storm away momentarily, but it eventually returned to wreak havoc on Sermon Nation’s Renegade Stage takeover, soiling some highly anticipated sets from artists like Pluto Era & Yheti. But overall the Bisco staff was friendly and handled the weekend and the rain expertly; a massive improvement from when the festival started.

For the newcomers, last weekend was a pilgrimage to one of the country’s top festivals. To the more experienced, Bisco was more like a homecoming. Every bit of artistry, music, and community we felt made the exhausting treks up and down the mountain every bit worth it. We can’t wait to return next year!

What was your favorite part of Camp Bisco 2018? Check out our pictures & be sure to let us know in the comments below!

© All images courtesy of Shawn Russell Johnson (Shawn Russell Johnson)