Crisp, confident, refined to a T, Data Splatta is decidedly DeeZ’s most enterprising solo EP to date. In all honesty, it’s expected that most projects from Boston’s Andrew Widdecomb would be equally as ambitious. But this release, now out in full, is truly something else.

It takes years for a musical genre to evolve, but Data Splatta’s 4-song tracklist seamlessly expands the boundaries of bass music on a whim. Artful drum design, quite notably the snare work in “Diverge,” saturates his engaging arrangements with an unrivaled commanding cadence. And vocal samples, sprinkled sparingly throughout the first two tracks, draw focus towards dynamically infectious phrases, themselves composed in such a way to keep your head bouncing and an astonished smirk on your face as listen along.

As a live performer, DeeZ focuses on the bigger picture, constructing remarkably massive sets that make your mind spin. But as a producer, he zeroes in on the finer aspects, leaving no small detail unpolished. Like how the cowbell at the start of “Who The” bounces off a rumbling bass wave before it all comes crashing down into one hypnotic grinding groove. Or an open ride cymbal, instead of your standard trap hi-hats, played on the offbeats in “Spawn” adds a cool openness to the track.


Focusing on the little things makes your art seem larger than life and pushes it beyond the boundaries of any given genre. If this EP is any indication, it sounds like DeeZ has that part figured out.

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