2:30 AM. Friday morning. We’re hitting the road in about 5 hours and I’m already wide awake with 1 part excitement, 2 parts #Adderall.  For most people Memorial Day weekend signifies barbecues and beach parties, but for me, it’s the official start of Festival Season, realizing how fucking fat I got, and (surprise!/?) the relaunch of this blog.  But listen, I’m not making any promises with this shit. Either it’ll get updated on a regular basis or it won’t. Fight me. 

No but real talk, I’m doing about 10-11 music festivals across the country this year and I thought it’d be cool to keep track of some of that, so here we are. Save it, Bookmark it, “Like” me on Facebook and all that other bullshit and get ready to take a journey down the rabbit hole, through the eyes of probably one of the most fuck-deficient humans you’ll ever meet. 

-xo Dark