Dr. Funkle is an interesting up-and-coming producer hailing from Mantua, NJ. Despite what the moniker may imply, Dr. Funkle’s sound swerves hard left from the funk backbone you might assume, and is deeply rooted in oscillating synths, airy production, and asymmetric rhythms. Milktapes Vol. 2, the madman’s most recent release, is a wobbly wonderland of intriguing bass music that certainly errs on the side of the weird.

The first track I dove into was simply titled “Beat Like”. Greeting the listener with a sawing drone of a synth that expands until it consumes the entire production. The beat builds, and drops into a bass-face inducing collection of wobbles, subtle drum hits, and a chopped vocal line that is impossible not to bob to. The bass switches abruptly from rounded spacey wobbles to distorted gooeyness that is grimy in all the right places while maintaining a precise and rhythmic nature that toes the line between chaotic and restrained.

From here the collection only grows wilder and weirder. The next track, “Drum and Bass Father (Dr. Funkle’s Re-Milk)” is just pure gritty grimy goodness. Once again showing restraint on the drum front, it’s all about the sound design for Dr. Funkle. The resonating kick drums add wonderfully to the lo-fi quality of the wobbling bassline that just sucks the audience in and doesn’t let up. Once again luring you in with a title, and flipping the script, there’s absolutely nothing drum and bass about this track.


Not much changes for the next two tracks, both “Mellhouse” and “Hoflee’s Anthem (VIP)” contain just as much wackiness and wobble to keep any space bass and dubstep aficionado happy. Dr. Funkle has certainly cultivated a distinct style and sound, and both the latter tracks are equally saturated with it.

It’s the orchestrated chaos that truly takes hold and drives the whole EP. There’s something that feels off-putting and disorienting about Milktapes Vol. 2 but as a listener you can never exactly put your finger on it. And for whatever reason, it’s unrelenting swagger and disjunction is oddly appealing. It’s unique, it’s different, it’s just plain weird… but by God it’s good.


What do you think of Milktapes Vol. 2?  Which track is your favorite?  Will we be seeing you tonight at the Aspire Higher 4 Year Anniversary party?  Let us know in the comments below!