From time to time you come across an artist that you just know is about to blow up and, right now, it appears DMVU is in that position. Regularly co-headlining shows with well respected artists such as Bleep Bloop has brought the Colorado-native some of the acclaim he deserves.

What sets him apart from the crowd is that he’s in it because he loves it. As a genuine fan, he aims to give back to the community he’s been involved in for so long. From a young age, he’s been banging on the drums and mashing keys. Now, with seven years of producing music under his belt, DMVU has caught the attention of Denver.  Over the last year the he’s secured regular bookings in the city and is known to spin after parties for fun.

A talented producer, DMVU is able to pull diverse sounds together and create flowing melodies in complex, explosive beat patterns. If you’re looking for something that dumps heavy you may need to check out the mix above; it does a great job capturing his sound. His music reminds me of old Thriftworks (and I fucking love Thriftworks) but there are just so many more elements to this guy’s music. In a brief interview with him, he listed his heaviest influences: Madlib, Flying Lotus, ESKMO, and Aphex Twin. His sound speaks for itself and record labels have been taking note. He also recently announced a new EP is soon to come via the dubstep heavyweight Circus Records, so keep your eyes peeled for more info on that!

Tonight, Aspire Higher has booked DMVU along side Bleep Bloop, with local support from patback – a B2B set comprised of Backpack x Patrick Richards.  Tickets are moving fast, so don’t sleep on them!

In April, the man will be joining Esseks, Sayer, Of the Trees, Digital Ethos and Mindset at Aftlantic – an unofficial Basslantic afterjawn put together by Aspire Higher, Artisan Presents, Rambling Dodger, and The Funky Dad. Going from Nectar to an afterparty that runs until 6 AM, with a line up like that, is a ruthless opportunity. Don’t take it for granted.  See y’all on the dance floor!

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