On June 7th, Philadelphia was ready to be rocked in a warehouse with an official Boiler Room Show. Unfortunately, due to venue licensing issues out of their hands, the event was forced to be cancelled and relocated to another venue on another date.

With Subsurface Presents, Boiler Room is set to return to Philly to close out their summer warehouse tour across North America. On Saturday, September 7th, another gathering of music, love and old school vibes will once again take place at One Art Community Center, a huge outdoor venue located in Philadelphia known for hosting legendary music shows.

As a nod to their earlier shows, this function will help Boiler Room get back to their source: “platforming our favorite artists in off-club locations & blowing it up online”.

Boiler Room originally started with a webcam taped to a wall during club night in a  warehouse in London, “opening a keyhole to the city’s underground” music scene. Boiler Room has since grown into a global online music broadcasting platform commissioning and streaming live music sessions around the world.

This tour promises to focus on some of the most vital new characters in the North American club culture. Boiler Room has announced that “each party will open with a broadcasted BR program & extend long, long after the cameras have been turned off.”

Tickets purchased for the previous event are directly transferable with the new event at One Art, or refundable.