As many of you already know, we’re super excited about damn near everything that BangOn!NYC and Elements Music and Arts Festival put together. But this year they’ve made a huge step for artists, and are offering a brilliant grant for their upcoming Lakewood Festival, this Memorial Day Weekend.

“For the first time ever, Elements is excited and proud to offer a grant opportunity for creatives to showcase their talents that observe sustainable arts practices. With Earth Day approaching (April 22), Elements’ Sustainable Arts Program will focus and encourage friendly build practices for festival activations like sculptures, immersive spaces, interactive pieces and more that contain sustainable elements and aspects.”


By submitting to the project, you earn yourself an opportunity to win a $1,000 grant to showcase your work at the festival, as well as two (2) additional complementary tickets for you to bring colleagues, friends, or anyone else your heart desires.

This is a really awesome opportunity for anyone who dabbles in sustainable art to bring their creativity and work to a festival that focuses on art almost as much as they do the music. The deadline to submit is April 26th, so be sure to check this out as soon as possible!


Who would you guys like to see get this opportunity!?