Any fan of iX can attest to how withholding the artist can be with his music. Although undoubtedly one of the most prolific producers in the game, you’ll be hard pressed to find any more than a handful tracks on producer’s SoundCloud – but for a good reason: he prefers you experience his music live and direct. So while surprised to learn the Brooklyn-based producer wanted to generously bestow this mix upon us, we were certainly excited and honored to be the ones to premiere it.

Click to Reveal 'Conscious Khan' Tracklist

1. Brazil (iX Remix) – A.X.L.

2. Chissenefrega (iX RemiX) – Club Dogo

3. Roll with the Dealers (iX RemiX) – Dizzee Rascal

4. Dunes (Original Mix) – iX

5. Now and Then Again (Original Mix) – iX

6. Now and Then 2 (Original Mix) – iX

7. Mandala (Original Mix) – iX

8. Såmsara (Original Mix) – iX

9. Transient Den (Original Mix) – iX

10. Vishnu (Original Mix) – iX

11. Monk-e-Buisness (Original Mix) – iX

12. Belly Dance (Original Mix) – iX

13. ArabiX (Original Mix) – iX

14. Bhagdad Breaks (Original Mix) – iX

15. Chime Warp (Original Mix) – iX

16. Where You At (iX RemiX) – M.I.K

17. California Scheem’n (iX RemiX) – Mommas and Poppas

18. Grime Time (iX RemiX – Marger

19. Going to war (iX RemiX) – P Money

20. We Wan Tings (iX RemiX)

21. Voice (Original Mix) – iX

22. Badder Girls (iX RemiX) – M.I.A

23. No No More (iX RemiX) – Petite Celine

24. Walking Path (Original Mix) – iX

Conscious Khan‘ is a high-energy dance party that features almost a full hour of predominantly all-original, unreleased heat. The psybass savant wastes no time kicking things off with his explosive remix of A.X.L.’s “Brazil” and keeps you grooving with punchy melodies and eastern flare to the end. Give it a listen and let us know what you think below!


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