One of the Southeast’s biggest festivals may be moving to a new venue. Currently held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Music Unfiltered reports Imagine Festival is scoping out a move to Bouckaert’s Farm, located 37 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta. The potential venue previously hosted TommorrowWorld.

However, this festival was not without controversy: in 2015, heavy rains turned the farm into a mud-pit during TommorrowWorld. Attendees were stranded when the shuttle systems were restricted by organizers, and the third day of the festival was cancelled for non-campers (i.e. the majority).

It should be noted that in 2014, TommorrowWorld hosted upwards of 160,000 people. Imagine, on the other hand, saw 35,000 a day, at the Atlanta Motor Speedway last year. Also of note: Bouckaert’s Farm sits on 8,000 acres, nearly ten times the size of Imagine’s current venue. A relocation to the farm offers Imagine a chance to grow, while providing a beautiful setting for attendants.

Have you ever been to a festival at Bouckaert Farms? How do you feel about the potential move? Would you rather Imagine stayed at the Speedway? Let us know in the comments below!