Every once in a blue moon, you get a festival that is so unique, the memory of it glows for weeks after it’s over. With unforgettable headlining sets, creatively fueled collaborations between artists, and a mini-bus mobbed with bass-loving homies, Yonderville Music & Arts Festival was undoubtedly one of those festivals.

After outgrowing its first location in Rixeyville, Virginia, Yonderville set up shop on Marvin’s Mountaintop in West Virginia. It was here that, despite several onslaughts of rain, a magical weekend would go down.

Every night, a masterfully curated roster of headliners threw down at the main stage what could truly be described as some of the best sets in the festival circuit this summer. Khiva blew heads out of the water. Chee slammed them all back down. Detox Unit, Jade Cicada, Brightside, Desert Dwellers: each curated hour-long shows that set an artistic and visionary tone for the weekend.

However, it was this tone that was carried above and beyond by Wade Appelton and the DubDay homies that threw down at the Dub Bus all weekend. A host of serious talent rallied to throw down mobile mayhem, from Jizzy Fra and Wreckno, to Smokestax, and more. Plus, special sets from A 40oz Collective, and a Brightside b2b with Dice Man solidified the Dub Bus as a necessary feature at this festival.

Right next to the Dub Bus stage, Beyond Dope, a production organization that throws benefit concerts to raise money for research into opioid addiction and related treatments, hosted a chill and inviting dome setting where people were able to rest their heads and listen to the music and set positive intentions all weekend.

Between waves of heat and rain, the weekend didn’t deliver the ideal festival weather. Even so, Yonderville served up fire performances, and attendees showed true grit and love for the scene by still having one hell of a good time.