Listen, it happens – and with the success of our last playlist, it was only right we hook y’all up again for the holiday.  Titled ‘Flower Power,’ this playlist is an homage to the beautiful buds that cater our creativity & continually enhance our daily lives. 


This 45-track collection has been carefully curated with some of the industry’s most fire, certified organic, medical-grade releases that together form the perfect soundtrack for today’s festivities. Featuring top artists from all across the spectrum such as Ott., Space Jesus, Esseks, and kLL sMTH, you’ll be sure to find it’s as dank as any strain in your stash.

Coming in just over 2 hours long, Flower Power is a playlist designed to help fire up your fiesta or even serenade your siesta.  So spark an L, kick back, and celebrate the holiday the best way  you know how.  We hope you enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Happy 4/20 from the team!