Intriguing happenings are afoot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Local producer, artist, and intergalactic traveler Adrian Palashevsky, aka goldenSpiral has been whipping up some whimsical tunes for his new album: Cosmic Servant. The six-track collection is a twisting, turning, traverse through genre-bending orchestrations that manifest eclectic vibes and lure the listener into a satisfying sonic journey. Originally a hip-hop producer, goldenSpiral has certainly not abandoned his roots. This album has an intensely trap backbone but is beautifully flavored with psy-bass, world dance, and even some good ol’ fashioned dub.

Right from the beginning, we’re introduced to the otherworldy vibe that goldenSpiral weaves. The opening track “Zero-G Funk,” is a perfect representation of how completely this album can divert from one vibe to the next. It kicks off with a brilliant atmosphere of bass and a prominent eastern melody; the percussion crackling through the background with just the right amount of reverb. As it meanders along, some crunchy synths saw their way into the foreground as layers and layers of orchestration come together before a beatbox breakdown opens up the second stanza of “Zero-G Funk.” We go from world dance to space bass in a matter of seconds.

Smack dab in the middle of the album, goldenSpiral proves that he certainly can still hold his own in the hip-hop world, even with his own touch of cosmic concoction. “Eraserhead” is an extraterrestrial rap track that holds it own as one of the most memorable tracks on the album. The lyrics hit with the same intensity as the production, coercing you to take a few listens on repeat.

Following “Eraserhead” right up is “Dope Tribe.” Although maybe a little on the nose, “Dope Tribe” is exactly as the name entails. Rhythmic, tribal, plucks accentuate a trap-heavy beat that works perfectly to follow “Eraserhead.” Much like the shift in “Zero-G Funk,” “Dope Tribe” shifts its vibe a few times over the course of it’s 4:37 run time. As it shifts from tribal and worldly, to atmospheric and spacey, to hip-hop and deliberate, it’s a brilliant showcase of goldenSpiral’s producing chops and mastery of flow.


From start to finish, Cosmic Servant is a truly deep and inescapably intriguing work, putting all of his technical, creative, and introspective talents on display. What’s more, goldenSpiral also produces incredible visual accompaniments to all his music work. “I’m trying to blur the lines between mediums and fuse it into one all encompassing art form.” Producing music videos, and digitally challenging imagery to blend his mediums together, goldenSpiral has an impressive collection of creativity.

Check out Cosmic Servant, and be sure to let us know what your favorite track is in the comments below!  Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a big show announcement coming soon!