Not too long ago, Pennsylvania-based producer Brian Cox aka Hattrix released a four-track EP by the title of Eclipse, without much fanfare. But, as a bone-rattling and grimy display of down and dirty bass with such an exceptionally massive presence, the EP is impossible to ignore. There’s something so dark and demonic about the production that just grabs hold and drags you in; it’s unrelenting from start to finish.

Straight off the bat we’re drawn in by Hattrix bombastic style of bass with the track “Out The Cage.” There’s such a devilish air to the atmospheric droning that churns and revolves at the introduction to the track. It swirls in static-clad resonance before the vocal sample cuts in right before the drop “They done did it, let the dog out the cage.” From there it’s no holds barred as Hattrix weaves an exceptional web of bass-heavy synths and chilling rhythms that pan across the production. It’s a hell of a start to a deeply satisfying bass EP.

My favorite selection from the EP is easily “Strangers,” the third track in the collection. It’s a diabolically sharp and precise production that consistently feels larger-than-life. It’s a skittering, clambering, and chaotic orchestration that evolves and melds perfectly. The punchy snares that reverberate through the layers act as the grounding force of the track, allowing the listener to root themselves in something while the bass, synths, and rhythmic samples swirl around in disjointed perfection.

Eclipse is just banger after bangerthroughout, and is absolutely larger-than-life in its style. Hattrix takes the opportunity to fill every track with as much sound as possible, without muddying the production or losing it’s decisiveness. The EP knows exactly what it’s trying to be, and owns it every step of the way. This is a refreshingly exceptional blend of bombastic bass and trap-tastic rhythms. Hats off to Hattrix for this exceptionally enjoyable release.