Illanthropy, the style-driven producer from Asheville, NC, has been a consistent force in the bass music scene for quite some time. His capacity for success is not defined by the notoriety of his breakthrough track, “Elephant Party” (which still finds it’s way into almost every other Bassnectar set) but rather realized by the fundamental genius exercised in the foundation of his compositions.  Despite some recent radio silence, illanthropy has been forging together a collection of tracks that truly illustrates a mastery of his craft. Today, we’re excited to help premiere the first single from his forthcoming Chaos/Clarity EP.

“FL4BB3RG4ST3D”s introduction is decorated with the chopped and twisted vocal manipulation indicative of Illanthropy’s unique style. The inception of the track hits all the right ASMR triggers, sending chills up your spine in anticipation as it pans across the speakers. Things truly start to homogenize when the beat ushers in those grimy, distorted synths smothered in gooey, liquid bass. As you sift through the multiple intersections of sound, you begin to discern the faint beginnings of a build: machine-gun snare hits and ever-intensifying noodles of noise churn together before the drop finally breaks through. From here, it’s a rollercoaster of wobbles and bounce that carry you to the end.

Illanthropy’s new Chaos/Clarity EP drops Wednesday, April 18th via WUMP Collective.  If you like what you hear, be sure to catch the Asheville producer performing during The Wook of Wall Street’s Silent Disco takeover at Disc Jam Music Fesitval in June! In the meantime, let us know what you think of “FL4BB3RG4ST3D” in the comments below!