Everyone’s musical journey starts somewhere: many began in hip-hop, some first instituted in metal, others may have gotten their bearings in jazz.  But where it begins doesn’t define the whole story; it’s the cycles we move through — the scenes we fall in love with, the sonic territory we unabashedly explore, and the new artists we discover — that makes each step of the journey worthwhile. I find every time a new artist like Lucas Wood emerges, I’m reminded of this.

© Photo by Nachturnal Images

Under the moniker iX (pronounced ‘icks’), Wood’s glitched-out, world-bass tracks have been making waves in Brooklyn venues and beyond. “Såmsara” is the first single to be released from his exciting debut About Thyme EP. It boasts the psy-bass producer’s signature sound – an amalgamation of influences collected over the course of his journey. It’s a liberating, fast-paced, trip-hop track weaved together by choppy synths and killer tabla-driven percussion. Simply put, the mystical mash up of eastern and electronic impressions is god-level alchemy.  To put even more simply: shit’s fuego!

The matte black cover art flaunts an outline of the modest producer himself – a stark contrast to the Brooklyn-native’s exuberant style. Fans of the track can expect the rest of the EP to be self-released on May 8th – and if our introduction to this project is any indication of what’s to come, Lucas is poised to usher in a fresh, new narrative as he embarks us all on an iX-perimental journey – and it’s About Thyme.

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