Summer may be ending but Krooked Drivers is just getting started.  Donnie D’Albora, the brain behind the project, has been sitting on an arsenal of music he’s finally ready to share with the world.  The New York native gears up for the release of his latest ’Moonlight Path to Happiness’ EP coming to you September 28th.  Today, Donnie was gracious enough to allow us to premiere the long anticipated single off of this project!

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On ‘New York City Bump’, Krooked Drivers showcases his knack for marrying solid sample selections from previous eras with his signature futuristic glitched-out approach. A style that the Colorado native continues to excel in.

We also got the opportunity to chat with the artist about the new single, what he’s been working on, and dream collaboration.  Check it out below:

TWOW: I appreciate how you took such a funky Black Rock track and flipped it while still retaining that original soul. What’s your process when you’re composing a song? Do you start with the samples and allow them to dictate the vibe?

KD: The process is usually listening through tons of samples I’ve recorded or dug out of crates. Really only the ones I can hear already being chopped before even warping it actually make it to the cutting board. Then, I’ll slice out the individual parts I want and build drums around the track as the start of the beat. From there it’s sub bass, and electro bass patterns, while writing out the intro/drop/breaks to the end.

TWOW: Nice! I remember you seeing you toying around with one of those analog synthesizers a while back. Have you incorporated that or any other new toys into your workflow?

KD: I’ve been using basically anything and everything I can get my hands on – from VSTs like Massive and Serum, to my MS20, to filtering audio and time stretching them to sound like a synth. The process has been amazing. I’ve really taken my time and wrote tons of tracks. The 30 that didn’t make the cut I plan to put on 20 flash drives for special giveaways.

TWOW: I respect artists that understand the importance of continuing to learn, experiment, and exercise patience in honing their craft and putting out quality work. During your set at F.A.R.M. Fest, I could hear the hard work you’ve been putting into the new material – I’m excited for this EP to drop. Tell me more about it.

KD: “Moonlight Path To Happiness” is a 12 track classic electro soul LP. It really feels like an album that ties together very smoothly.  All of the vocals and cuts really resonate with my transformation since the break up. No collabs on this one though.

TWOW: There are several other projects in the works too, right?

KD: What’s to come after this release is a hip-hop album with Rasp5, an instrumental beat tape, and an electronic samples EP.

TWOW: You’ve been running with Rasp5 for quite some time now. How’d you guys come to link up and what’s it been like working with him?

KD: That kid’s a genius, man. These tracks we’re sitting on are on some old-school Eminem minus the murder tip haha. We linked up back through some homies out in Colorado and with the similar styles blending – both being from New York – it like melted my brain. That kid is going to be one of the greats. I can feel it.

TWOW: Anyone else you’d like to work with? Who’s your dream collaboration?

KD: Definitely Manic Focus. Eventually I’d like to do a collab with Maddy O’Neal but she seems very busy these days. Obvious dream collab would be Derek of PL.  Lorin…Doug of Emancipator…the list goes on. But I have a lot of learning to do and it inspires me that you can’t master music; there’s always more to learn and explore. ♦︎

Don’t miss Krooked Drivers at Tremors Nightclub this Saturday in Colorado Springs, CO and at Jupiter Hall on September 23rd in Albany, NY!

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