Levitation Jones is approaching the tail end of his extensive ‘Whether You Like It Or Not’ Spring 2017 Tour.  On Tuesday, the bass producer threw down in Philly with Ludge & Mindwalker on over 75K+ watts of Danley subs he packed into the venue.  #aggressive.  Mindwalker kicked things off with a deliciously gritty set as usual, setting the tone for the night.  Up next was Ludge, who came through with the fire drum & bass in the first half of his set, leading into some proper dubstep sprinkled with a few of his favorite Nectar tracks (kidding, obviously).

Finally, Levitation cranked the Danleys and pumped that industrial, minimal shit that had the whole crowd crawling on the floor.  The ceiling was literally shaking & the neighbors were complaining, but it wouldn’t have been a Levitation show otherwise.  If for some sad reason you weren’t at the function, peep the debauchery below & be sure not to miss your second chance this Saturday at the 8×10 in Baltimore! 

© All Images courtesy of Ed Mason Media