Ok, so let me start off by saying that I’ve pretty much gone through the wook metamorphosis and evolved to my final form of #JamWook – but this show caught me off guard. This event is reminiscent of the seasonal massives that first got me into the dance music scene.


Spanning nine hours over four stages Adventures Through the Multiverse is the multi-room event everyone has always wished would happen in Philly. This Rick and Morty themed event is the collaborative effort of the promo companies and event organizers like The Kontrol Room, Funkadelphia, and Rambling Dodger, who keep the scene alive in Philadelphia.


With heavy hitters like Downlink, AFK, jPhelpz, and Bommer, and fresh new sounds from artists such as Jade Cicada, and DELTAnine, this event hosts a slew of diverse artists for both OG bassheads, and the young future bass indigo children (#StayWokeFam). So give thanks to your turkey god, take your pants and your panties off, take a shit on the floor, and lets get schwiiffttyyyyy!

TICKETS:  http://bit.ly/Multiverse-tickets
EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/925927117518176/