CharlestheFirst dropped his latest project, a six-track EP called No Dimmer, on October 15th.

Combining a blend of cutting-edge bass, hip-hop and house music in six tracks, Charles has presented fans with a different, innovative project, while still staying true to his sound.

No Dimmer was released independently on CharlestheFirst’s very own imprint, Label w/ No Name. Featuring classic Charles-style sound like “Consumed” or “Room To Breathe”, this entire EP is a journey into the deep, dark bass world, “darker than any of his past works, yet still able to come up for air.” Along with melodic bass, Charles also features his own hip-hop verses on tracks like “Ove 4” and “No Dimmer”, reminding fans of the style that is usually seen on his side project, hawk.

CharlestheFirst has gained traction very quickly within the underground bass community. He is currently getting ready to embark on his 2019 Fall/Winter Tour, where he will be touring the West Coast with some friends to promote No Dimmer. You can also catch Charles at some big name festivals like DejaVoom and Okeechobee in 2020. Find tickets here!

Listen to No Dimmer below and let us know what you think about CharlestheFirst’s new release in the comments!

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