In the absence of Pretty Lights, there are a few producers we tend to turn to for that electro-hiphop/soul fix. At the forefront of that roster is one of our favorite producers, Heavyside Function, who just released the first EP in a series of three titled ‘Shades of Revolution‘.

“This work combines vintage sampling, live recording of various instruments, and analog/modular synthesis. With the soul of vintage sampling techniques, we utilize a connection to our roots, and expand on it with the new technology of our era.”

– Charlie Barry (Heavyside Function)

Front to back, ‘Shades of Resolution: Vol. 1‘ is a pleasant slice of glitch-hop goodness and we can’t wait for the next installments in this trilogy. If listening to this EP left you with an insatiable desire for more, be sure to catch Heavyside Function performing in a Pretty Lights Live cover band alongside Bunk Buddha and Image.Nation at the 4th Annual Identity Theft: BassLights Charity Show in Baltimore next month!


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