New EPs are what we live for. These bite-sized packages of tunes offer a quick glimpse into the trajectory of a producers sound at any point in their career. Plus, they allow artists an easy format to release recent tracks to followers, and when those tracks are as crisp and well-executed as those from Kromuh’s latest “Shadow Terra EP, everybody wins.

The 4-track EP, out June 25, comes packed with bass-heavy and hip-hop influenced beats that portray an ever-tightening of Kromuh’s sound design. Compared to his massive 2018 production called “Fragments,” “Shadow Terra” delivers even filthier grooves laid over equally dark and daunting soundscapes.

Error,” a collaboration with VCTRE flaunting deep-cutting percussion and ominous overtones, is the project’s highlight, but not a single track goes without its own merit.


As far as EPs go, “Shadow Terra” hits all the right notes. The quick glimpse into Kromuh’s recent work is fun, groovy, and above all, has us eager for more.

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