The final track from SWAYLÓ’s “Reflections” EP is out, and it’s one hell of a conclusion to an already monumental collection of music. “Second Nature” is a powerfully emotive deep house finale, wrapping up this ethereal-yet-worldly 4-track release from Gravitas Recordings.

Each tune exudes its own immersive soundscape, flowing from the ominous trap framework of Desert Flower to the jungle-dance vibes of “Ancient Forest” and the stirring, primal bass grooves laid out through “Ocean Flame.”

As that track comes to an electrifying end, “Second Nature” lays listeners into a soothing and seductive melody. It imparts a particular peace of mind, seemingly as a blissful “Thank you for listening.”

SWAYLÓ performing at Spring Awakening Festival in Illinois

This is SWAYLÓ’s first-ever release on a record label, and it’s quite an impressive project. Fitting both far-reaching ideals and tight-knit themes into just four tracks is no easy task, yet still, “Reflections” stands as an all-encompassing dissertation on the enlightening power of music to transcend worldly boundaries. And that is definitely a vibe we can get down with.

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