It’s safe to say times are getting pretty crazy right now. It’s like we’re in a movie and something big is about to happen. We don’t know what, but we do know that how we respond to the forthcoming change will define who we are, what we’re made of.

In Buddhism, the concept of change is called “Anitya.” Acceptance of it is a means toward freedom, and a new track from Glass Cannon captures this feeling in pure sonic bliss.

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“Anitya is the concept that all things in the natural universe are impermanent. We are freed from the pain of clutching for permanence only if the acceptance of continual change is driven into our very marrow. For us, this piece, with layers of soaring and intricate guitars woven atop dramatic bass design, represents the idea of forever changing.” – Glass Cannon

The opening guitar notes are fleeting, fading as soon as they appear like a mirage blown away through sand and wind. As the drums and bass kick in resolution takes hold. Ever-pensive, the melody echos through a spacious soundscape like the calm before a storm. Here, listeners should brace themselves.

Forward movement and determination accelerate the track through different scenes, one carried by electrifying bass waves, immediately followed by a racing double-time drum beat. Even through the disarray of these high-energy sections, the guitar acts as a beacon guiding you forward.


As we continue on through this time of turmoil Glass Cannon offers us a sliver of hope with “Anitya.” Play it while you stay and hang out at home, and send it to your friends who could use a dose of hope themselves. Just remember: This, too, shall pass. And a little bit of good music makes everything better.