This Labor Day Weekend, August 31st – September 2nd, Bassheads will flock to The Mothership to attend Bass Center held at The Hampton Coliseum for the last time in the foreseeable future. 

Bassnectar recently confirmed via social media that BassCenterXIII would be moved to a larger venue to include as many fans as possible. It’s no secret that Bassnectar has gained an immense following, especially in recent years: unfortunately, Hampton Coliseum’s 10,000 person capacity venue is not able to accommodate the size and scale of Bassnectar’s audience anymore. Asking fans where they would like to see Basscenter 2020 take place, jump started the excitement for next year with fans pouring in venue ideas and even talking about “a long requested camping event”. 

Along with two sets from Bassnectar, this weekend will also hold support from an impressive lineup including KLO, TroyBoi, The Widdler, Ganja White Night and more! 

Packed with all our classic favorites: The Lots, The Haven, The Gift Alter, Be Interactive + non-profit outreach, and a massive Ambassador Team, the Bassnectar team is trying to make Basscenter an all day affair “by setting up a massive amount of activations and activities for you in the Lots during Saturday and Sunday afternoon.”

In The Lot’s be prepared to find:

  • Loads of vendors selling food, drinks, clothing, art and more
  • The Bassnectar Pop-up Shop (selling limited edition Bass Center gear)
  • Outdoor renegade soundsystem blasting curated playlists selected by Bassnectar and the Bass Crew. And so much more!

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