Amon Tobin is a rare breed of producer and, as such, has put together an enticingly rare breed of playlist. The Brazilian-born pioneer dropped the self-curated Spotify playlist early Monday morning and, like Tobin’s sound itself, it’s an eclectic mix of music from a very wide range of genres – including some of our favorite names in the bass scene.

A quick glance through the artist names compiled in this selection might have you wondering what any of these songs are doing populating the same list but, as you listen through, it’s clear that strangely enough it all works really well together. Tsuruda’s “Slippin’” is placed between a song by 60’s rock band Question Mark and The Mysterians and another from melodic indie-psych duo Parsley Sound. A knockin’ Ivy Lab track follows Rawtekk’s powerful “Solar Grace,” while a taste of Chee complements a touch of Tame Impala, and some G Jones soon after.

You honestly won’t often find any of the tracks in Tobin’s playlist together anywhere else on the web so, take a moment, forget your musical prejudices and let this choice selection of tunes take you on a sonic journey you probably didn’t expect to encounter today.