Bassnectar himself just took to his “Love Here” Facebook group to reveal a dream he has of an all-inclusive destination event for his Spring Gathering 2019. See a detailed description of what he imagines for this 4-night getaway festival below:

“Lately I have been dreaming up a concept for an intimate, immersive weekend event in a far away land… somewhere tropical on the beach. I imagine several hotels clustered together in an all inclusive resort, where all attendees live together, with multiple stages and sound systems set up within the compound like a remote, secluded festival [all meals provided, all special perks included, even a ride from the airport, etc]…. we could theme this as our Spring Gathering to basically beckon in the heat of summer with an early spring break!

We’re thinking could set up multiple zones like Nightclubs, with different areas and vibes to explore. Friday, Saturday & Sunday could be pool parties [or a ton of other extra elective activities like snorkeling or skydiving] at multiple pools all located in the same resort where we stay. On Friday & Saturday Nights we go buckwild like a full on Bass Center and then after we run late night sideshows and nightclubs and other surprises to uncover… I imagine curating tons of strange and beautiful music from all over the galaxy, with each artist playing multiple sets in different themes. We could have one zone be all throwbacks, and another zone all Drum & Bass or Riddim/hardcore on Friday night, but Saturday Night it could be thick sticky downtempo… or fuck it, we could have an acid jazz room, or a deep house night, or whatever… or I could ask a friend or collaborator to host a zone and curate an evening… Either way, I’d definitely have fun curating half a dozen zones over the course of the four days. But this would be a lot to pull off, so we wanted to gauge your interest.

This event would cost more than our normal special events because everything is included – in fact to be exact, each person would get 4 nights hotel room accommodation, unlimited food & drink, and all the amenities of tropical luxury resort – essentially everything under the sun is provided for four days of total immersion [Note, the average cost to a music destination-style weekend event like this is usually over $1500, not counting airfare. Our team would work overdrive to create an event which will cost slightly less than that, while over-delivering with special enhancements; providing everything mentioned above! This would require flying to another country, likely traveling in on a Thursday and flying home on a Sunday or Monday, so there would be time off requests for work or school. Recently someone contacted us because they have access to an incredible resort where we could attempt to take it over and build a wonderland for a 4 day destination event, but we wanted to get real for a sec and ask you directly if this is something you would be interested in.” – Lorin Ashton (Bassnectar)