Bassnectar is the gift that keeps on giving. Recently, his charity arm, Be Interactive, has teamed up with Betterhelp to provide 1000 months of free therapy for those of us in need. This program is paid with funds from Basscenter XII.

You can apply for one month of free therapy here. After a short five-question survey, you have the chance of being selected for four free sessions, plus unlimited texting. Therapy can be of benefit to everyone, whether they’re battling anxiety or depression, struggling in a romantic or friendly relationship, even if they feel happy but are unsure in life. There’s nothing wrong with seeking therapy, because therapy teaches us to cope with the ups and downs found in everyone’s life.

If you think you could benefit from this program, as a fellow basshead, I encourage you to sign up. Who knows, it could be the start of a new chapter in life.