Juneteenth as an American holiday is integral to understanding our country as it is today. It commemorates the emancipation of the last slaves in the Confederacy, and is celebrated as the end of slavery in the United States. Yet, it remains to receive as much recognition as such an event deserves (it was only this week announced as a holiday for NY state workers).

It’s a chance to celebrate and support the black Americans that have contributed to making this country what it is. Black artists, business owners (like the owner of this very blog), and black people in general make immeasurable contributions to business, art, politics, and more. And in lieu of the recent killings and protests, it’s clear direct support for the black community is needed, musicians in particular. With the pandemic putting a lid on any live functions, many musicians are struggling to make ends meet.

The easiest way to support your favorite artists? Buy their albums. Bandcamp, in honor of Juneteenth, is looking to put some charitable dollars behind every purchase on their platform today. On this and every subsequent Juneteenth the platform will direct its usual revenue share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

The event runs through midnight. Take a look through our list of black bass and dubstep producers below to see who you can support through Bandcamp.

Jizzy Fra

What to buy: Jizzy Fra’s “Worldly Winds Mixtape” is the perfect mix of lo-fi beats, hip-hop samples, and weird bass to literally just vibe out to.

A Hundred Drums

What to buy: This California producer’s namesake EP is rife with deep and driving drum-focused beats. “A Hundred Drums” comes as highly recommended listening material any day.

Sicaria Sound

What to buy: Sicaria Sound is massive enough to put your speakers to the test. If you’re up for the challenge, pop in this compilation album curated by the duo.


What to buy: Ego Death” is a masterpiece of an EP. It will grab a hold of you, so be prepared to shed a tear or two.

Black Carl!

What to buy: You can literally buy Black Carl!’s full discography for as little as $9. Why stop at just one EP?


What to buy: If a heavier sound is what you’re after, dive right into Chee.’s recent “Quarter Inch” EP. It sets the bar high for production quality in the bass community. Take notes.  


What to buy: Joker’s album “The Mainframe” is epic beyond measure. It’s a cinematic experience all on its own.


What to buy: With just a handful of tracks available to purchase on Bandcamp, we recommend checking out this collab with MeSo, called “SECRET VALLEY.”


What to buy: Those with a big beat appetite would do well with Milano’s “Hungry vol. 1.”


What to buy: New York’s Aions paints a detailed picture with “A Window To...” Grime, hip hop, and bass heavy sounds come together in an album worth indulging in many times.

Deep Medi Music

What to buy: Deep Medi Music is a black-owned record label, founded by dubstep legend Mala. Any purchase from them would be a damn good one, like this massive track from Sir Spyro.


What to buy: This Atlanta-based producer has her entire digital discography for sale for as little as $12. But if we had to recommend one thing to cop, we’d go with her “Tunnel Vision” EP.