With the return of Bassnectar Chocolate comes the return of the Golden Tickets: a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets for every 2020 Bassnectar special event. This year, it was revealed that details regarding the new location of next year’s Bass Center would also be printed on the tickets. Thanks to one of the first lucky winners, u/Subsume513, we now know that the gang will be returning to Atlantic City for our annual BassHead Homecoming!

Word is still out on the specific dates (most likely not happening Labor Day Weekend) or if we’ll be returning to the Atlantic City Convention Center or the larger Boardwalk Hall – but stay tuned for more updates as they come! BTW: not trying to flex or anything (lie) but we called this back in August 💪.

Which venue in Atlantic City would you like to host Bass Center 2020? What dates do you think work best? Who would you like to see on the lineup? Let us know in t he comments below!