Chris mf Karns ya’ll. You may have seen him holding it down with Pretty Lights Live. You may have seen him at a Tipper and Friends event. You even may have seen him sit in with STS9 at their Wavespell Festival (or most recently their Wavespell set in Denver, or perhaps you’ll catch him open for Lettuce in San Fransico on NYE. This dude is legit everywhere and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. The living legend has been tearing up the decks for years earning countless accolades and respect from other vinyl virtuosos. In recent years, he has been playing shows in the underground festival scene showcasing his extraordinary talent and taste.

Most recently, Karns released a single that perfectly captures his essence. As soon as the track starts he samples the voice of someone saying “1, 2” while scratching back and forth as a daunting bass line kicks in setting the song in motion. Sprinkled in the song is a trumpet and flute (which Karns frequently samples) adding a whole new layer of silk to the mix. Peep the track and make sure if you ever get the chance to see this man live, do it!