Yesterday evening, the Love Here facebook group got a nice little surprise from the Bass Master himself, Lorin Ashton of Bassnectar. In the early evening, an image popped up in the group adorned with palm fronds and the Bassdrop emblem with the words “Please Stand By” in big bold letters. This immediately caught the attention of many a basshead, and of course the rumor mill began to buzz with anticipation about what announcement might be coming. Freestyle Session 2019 announcement? At least the next Family Gathering. More news for Deja Voom attendees? The tension and excitement was palpable. While many flocked to Love Here to see what the news was, it was around 6pm where Lorin Ashton himself popped into Love Here for his very own AMA (Ask Me Anything).

As with most times that Lorin drops into the page, he damn near broke the internet. It was almost impossible to keep up with the flood of comments, and my facebook literally crashed twice as I tried to read his responses during the onslaught of rabid fans. Ok, maybe I’m getting a bit dramatic here, but I assure you, my phone was STRUGGLING.

The man was there to answer a whole slew of questions, and for intents and purposes, he did a really good job of dropping some exciting news regarding a lot of upcoming ideas, events, music releases, and other bass related shenanigans. The most obvious of which are the announcements that both Freestyles and Bass Center will likely remain at their current venues (1stBank Center and Hampton Coliseum, respectively). Beyond that he alluded to a couple new projects, gave us a timeline of a couple upcoming releases, and even hinted at some new shows.

Although most of the questions and answers revolved around the upcoming Deja Voom excursion, he did bring up a couple of releases that he has planned for this year. He mentioned that Reflective Pt. 4 just kept growing, and will be split into multiple parts, as opposed to being released as a single EP, so we can expect a Reflective Pt. 5 some time after that.

Lorin: “part four is like Lep2018, a collab with Hailo, a collab with Peekaboo, a collab with Jantsen, some other stuff…. Part 5 will MOST LIKELY have collab with Luzcid, a collab with Dorfex, a collab with Moody Good, hopefully me and Gnar Gnar finish up another….theres a ludicrous collab with Digital Ethos… more info soon” [sic]

Although he was hoping to release Neaux Faux around Valentine’s Day like he did last year, unfortunately that was delayed due to his extremely full plate. Someone even inquired about the potential of Neaux Faux performing live.

Lorin: “the naux faux concept was to create a sonic experience, and we’v never really thought about “performing it live” although someday if i found the time it would be fun to create a live band to play that stuff… but i dont know… for now its just a vibe to enjoy… SADLY we had hoped to finish EP2 for Valentine’s Day, but i’ve been so busy with Reflective 4 and Deja and all the spring and summer plots, so ….aye! so many ideas, so little time” [sic]

On top of those, he says he’s got a whole backlog of remastered, reproduced, and redited versions of old tracks he’s just sitting on. In the wise words of Moses: “Let my edits go!” We need ‘em, we want ‘em. Chicago seems to have some crosshairs on it, “wish we could hit that room again from Spring Gathering this year but we couldnt route it… there’s a concept for one night a-brewing in the windy citayyyy tho.” [sic] I don’t know about you guys, but I’m certainly ready for another Chi-Town Throwdown.

All in all, it was a super informative time, and the man seems to have even more awesome things cooking in that whimsical brain of his. There’s plenty more information he dropped in his AMA, and we highly suggest that you guys go read up on it in your own time. What did the man spill that’s got you most giddy for 2019?