There are some things that just never get old. Hot cocoa by a warm fire, cold beer in the summertime, and Gramatik tracks. The funkmaster himself is coming in hot with his recent release with Anomalie entitled “Requiem for Peace.” The jazzy and soulful track features exceptional guest vocals from both Waka Flocka Flame and Chrishira Perrier and is absolutely worthy of repeat listens. 

We’ve always known Gramatik to cherish the complexity and satisfying nature of jazz and funk, and he comes in hot with these same vibes with “Requiem for Peace.” The track introduces itself with a beautiful piano sample (most likely penned by Montreal’s Anomalie), sultry strings, and Chrishira Perrier’s heart-melting vocal runs. It’s immediately apparent that this track is going to have that bob-and-weave soul that encapsulates Gramatik’s discography. By the time Waka Flocka Flame’s raspy flow breaks in, we’ve hit a staggering hip-hop rhythm that compliments the chopped piano samples perfectly. 

“Requiem for Peace” comes as Gramatik’s fourth (and final), single from his upcoming album Re:Coil Pt.II. The album drops on October 25th and will be followed by a North American Tour that kicks off in San Diego on October 30th. 

What do you guys think of Gramatik and Anomalie’s new single, “Requiem for Peace?”