One of the major players in live entertainment industry has shaken things up once again. Live Nation announced their new chapter dedicated towards sustainability, Green Nation. Their mission is “to new environmental goals for all Live Nation owned and operated venues, clubs, theaters and festivals, with the primary targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, and ending the sale of single-use plastics at all owned and operated venues and festivals by 2021.”

The new initiative will be effective for all Live Nation owned and operated venues which is sure to make a huge difference during a time where conscientious-thinking is a global necessity.

“Hosting over 35,000 concerts and festivals each year, Live Nation has the opportunity and responsibility to provide our artists and fans with a live music experience that protects our planet,” said Michael Rapino, President and CEO, Live Nation Entertainment. “The adverse effects of climate change are undeniable, and we want to use our place on the world stage to be part of the solution. Together our concerts, venues, festivals, and offices around the world are setting new sustainability standards for live events.”

We can only hope that with this live-music giant making the commitment to a greener future, others will soon follow suit. You can read the full charter of Green Nation here.