A heavy hitting squadron is set to take over West Chester, PA this Friday, and we aren’t exactly sure you or we or literally anyone in a 20 mile radius of Sprout Music Collective is ready for the metaphysical mind-melting that is about to go down.

Australia’s unparalleled producer of highly varied bass music, griff, is headlining the event’s quartet, with support from the likes of LuSiD, as well as northeast mainstays MALAKAI and Wiseyoungfool.


If you’re not caught up on these artists, or just need a good reason to get hyped for Friday’s festivities, take a closer look at each musical visionary below:


Working as an assistant engineer at Melbourne’s Sing Sing Studios, griff has a knack for putting out notably off-kilter compositions and remixes. His manner of producing and DJing follows a multitude of styles that ultimately culminate in something fresh and truly unheard before. When it comes to matters of bass and griff, expect the unexpected.

Check out griff’s groovy “Dead Heroes” from Interstate for a sneak peak at what to expect this weekend.


Diverse instrumentation and artful looping create the foundation of LuSiD’s musical persona, flaunting licks of live guitar, bass, vinyl scratching, and even didgeridoo. He’s another genre-defying producer gracing this lineup, so embrace the flavors of his meticulously crafted sound with “Highjacked VIP below.


We cover this Brooklyn sound pioneer a lot — and for good reason. His understanding of composition lends itself to a vast array of downtempo tracks that bounce between both human and otherworldly emotions. Each track is an inward celestial journey, but take a listen for yourself with this ethereal collaboration with 5AM, titled “What’s Matter”.


Spatially dynamic and experimentally organic, the music of Philly newcomer Wiseyoungfool is not something to be missed out on. As he hones his craft, flavors of dnb, neurobass, and low-end grit meld into a signature sound unlike many others. Take a listen to vast soundscapes of “Denizen” for a feel of what this evolving producer might bring out this coming weekend.


Who are you most excited to check out at Sprout Music Collective this Friday? Sound off in the comments below!