We get it. With everything that’s going on in day to day life, it’s not easy to find new music that you love. That’s why you keep playing the same 5 songs on repeat.

We’re here to help with that. Take a look at a few new tracks we’re knocking this week below, hopefully you’ll find a few fresh favorites to add to your daily rotation.

Vide x EAZYBAKED – Backseat Jameson

Get ready to be floored by this big tune from Vide and EAZYBAKED.

Hydraulix – Skanka (Wakaan)

In typical Wakaan fashion, this release is gas from start to finish.

iX – Arabesque

While the rest of the world goes about their regular, boring lives, iX is out here carving a new niche of music. “Arabesque” is a prime example of his standout style.

Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody(Beat Kitty Bootleg)

Aaliyah’s voice is sweeter than honey, and Beat Kitty’s bootleg brings her vocals to the forefront with a fat backing track that we’ll be bumping all month.


“INTERSTELLAR” comes in hot this week, ready to smoke out your speakers with deep-reaching wubs to pull your out of that work-week funk.

TheBusiness. – A Conflict Of Interest.

TheBusiness. delivers a beautifully mystical headknocker with “A Conflict of Interest.”

Datach’i – Rhys

Wholesome, atmospheric, and oh-so satisfying, this project was created entirely on Datach’i’s modular set-up, and “Rhys” is a standout track on an already all-star album.

spike malice – needsnointroduction

This spike malice track is a truly creative vision that tangles hip hop, jazzy melodies with distorted sound design and trippy vocals.

JLEON- Irazu

JLOEON dropping this track on Deep, Dark, and Dangerous’ label was a good choice, because that’s exactly how we would describe “Irazu.”

Lucas The Flow – Rivers Run Wild

Lucas The Flow’s “Rivers Run Wild” is driving and cinematic, keeping us tuned into its lush, glitchy soundscape from start to end.

Dekoi – Swim. (Feat. TheBusiness.)

We always love a smooth, funky beat to end our week off to, driving away from the workplace into the sunset with a fun weekend on the mind for the days ahead.